Gravel is often the first choice for projects because it’s easy to obtain and is reliable for many purposes. However, there are other options to consider besides gravel. One alternative to gravel is asphalt millings – not only can they be used in place of gravel, but they come with several benefits that regular gravel doesn’t provide. Before we look at why you should consider using asphalt millings, let’s break down what asphalt millings are.

What are Asphalt Millings?

Asphalt milling (also called pavement milling) involves grinding and removing the top layer of asphalt pavement. It is done to keep pavement from building up from years of asphalt resurfacing of parking lots and roads. Asphalt millings are the product of crushing old pieces of asphalt into smaller, gravel-sized pieces. These recycled asphalt pieces are a great alternative to gravel.

4 Reasons to Use Asphalt Millings Instead of Gravel

1. Eco-Friendly

One obvious reason to use asphalt millings is that you’re using recycled material, so it’s an eco-friendly option that’s better for the environment. You can read more about the benefits of using recycled asphalt here.

2. Lower Cost

Recycling older materials is considerably less expensive than creating new materials. Labor and transport costs are also lower, and these savings are passed on to you.

3. No Maintenance

Unlike gravel, asphalt millings don’t require any time-consuming maintenance like sealcoating and resurfacing. Over time, the asphalt millings actually harden and form stronger bonds. Asphalt millings save you money because they don’t need to be refinished, resurfaced, or replaced. They also produce less dirt and dust than gravel, which means they help keep vehicles cleaner.

4. More Durable

Asphalt millings, and all forms of recycled asphalt, hold up better under harsh conditions like scorching heat and heavy rain. It’s harder for ice to form on asphalt millings, and snow melts away more quickly. They can also endure more wear and tear than gravel.

Over time, traditional gravel scatters and can reduce the depth of your driveway. Driving on gravel can stir up dust and debris and cause you to have to wash your vehicles more often. Gravel driveways are also more prone to getting ruts. These are just a few more reasons to consider using asphalt millings on your next project instead of gravel.

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