An asphalt parking lot is usually attractive, durable, and low maintenance. But it can be vulnerable to potholes due to natural wear, foundation problems, inclement weather, and poor installation.

Not only are potholes unattractive, but they also cause significant safety concerns and can even scare away customers. To maintain your property’s safety and aesthetics, you should repair potholes promptly before they hurt your business.

4 Reasons to Repair Potholes on Your Property

Potholes cause injuries and liability.

Potholes can become tripping hazards for pedestrians walking across a commercial parking lot. Customers and employees could stumble over an unseen pothole and injure themselves. Common injuries from tripping and falling on a pothole include dislocated joints, sprains, broken bones, bruises, and cuts.

Potholes cause injuries and liability, making prompt pothole repair essential. If someone trips or falls in your parking lot, they could file a personal injury lawsuit because you failed to repair potholes. And since the accident took place on your property, you could also get a premises liability lawsuit. This kind of liability is more expensive than repairing and maintaining your parking lot.

Potholes damage vehicles.

Potholes can damage customers’ and employees’ vehicles. The extent of the damage depends on the depth of the pothole and the driver’s speed, but it often includes damage to the tires, shocks, suspension, bumper, and wheel alignment. Angry customers could file a lawsuit holding you responsible for the repairs.

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Potholes are bad for business.

Your parking lot is the first thing customers, investors, and business partners see when they come to your business. An unattractive parking lot makes a negative first impression and conveys a poor business image.

Besides being unattractive, potholes pose significant risks to pedestrians and vehicles. If customers have to choose between a business with a well-maintained parking lot and one full of potholes, they’ll probably choose the first one.

Potholes can also decrease the value of commercial property and take longer to find renters or sell.

Potholes lead to more significant problems.

It’s best to repair potholes as soon as possible to avoid potential injuries, accidents, or damages. If you ignore existing potholes, they’ll eventually require extensive and expensive repairs. And you also risk injuries and damages that can result in costly liability insurance claims or even major lawsuits.

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Bottom Line

Potholes in a commercial parking lot aren’t just unattractive – they pose many risks to your customers and employees. Repairing potholes keeps your parking lot attractive and safe.

Hiring a professional asphalt contractor like Premium Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating is essential to keep your commercial parking lot repaired and maintained. Our specialists can identify problem areas like cracks and potholes so that we can make the needed repairs quickly and efficiently. We can also help you develop a plan for regular maintenance services that will protect your investment and extend the life of your asphalt surface. Contact us today for more information on our Central Texas asphalt paving services. We have the experience and expertise to help you keep your parking lot safe and protect your investment.

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