Most people think all asphalt is the same regardless of the method used or the time of year it’s applied. But the truth is there are different varieties of asphalt specifically designed for hot and cold air temperatures. Let’s look at the differences between summer and winter asphalt – and which one is better for your next project.

What is Summer Asphalt?

Summer asphalt is often referred to as ‘hot asphalt’. It’s typically used for larger commercial paving jobs, including parking lots, roadways, and long driveways. This type of asphalt is mixed at 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and it needs to stay at that temperature. Because it’s a permanent asphalt, hot asphalt must be applied within a few hours after it’s mixed. If it cools down at the worksite, propane or diesel heating systems are used on-site, so the project doesn’t have to shut down. However, this reheating method is usually reserved for large worksites.

Hot asphalt is primarily used in the summer because it can only be applied when the ground is warm and dry. It’s not used in the winter when the ground is often cold and wet, and the chilly temperatures cause the mix to cool too quickly. Summer asphalt is only available between April and December.

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What is Winter Asphalt?

Since asphalt takes longer to cure when it’s put on colder surfaces, winter is the best time to patch small problem areas. Due to the long cure time, you’ll want to wait until summer to install driveways and parking lots. And it’s better not to schedule patching projects in urban areas and on busy roads during the winter – or try to pave an entire parking lot. It’s also good to wait for a long weekend or holiday to patch your parking lot during the winter, so it has plenty of time to cure before it’s used.

Winter asphalt is typically used from January to March since it doesn’t require a specific temperature like summer asphalt does. You can even store winter asphalt to use later on other projects.

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