Why Asphalt is a Better Choice Than Concrete for Your Parking Lot

Commercial parking lots must withstand heavy vehicle loads, large volumes of traffic, and seasonal weather conditions. If you’re getting ready to build or resurface your parking lot, you may be wondering which material you should use – asphalt or concrete.

While concrete was once the material of choice for parking lots, asphalt is now the preferred choice.

What is asphalt?

Even though many people use the terms interchangeably, asphalt, cement, and concrete are distinctly different. Like concrete, asphalt is made using aggregate (gravel, sand, crushed stone, etc.). But asphalt also uses a petroleum-based binding agent called bitumen, making asphalt black.

Asphalt is commonly used for roads, but here’s why you should use it for your commercial parking lot.

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5 Reasons Asphalt is a Better Choice Than Concrete:

1. Lower Cost

Concrete can cost 25% to 50% more than asphalt per square foot. So, depending on the size of your parking lot, choosing asphalt can save you thousands!

Even though asphalt requires some maintenance, the costs are minor compared to what you’ll pay upfront for a concrete parking lot.

2. Quick Installation

Depending on the size of the project, an asphalt parking lot can usually be laid in just a few days (this also saves you money). Asphalt parking lots are ready for use in only two days, while a concrete parking lot can take up to a week.

Concrete typically takes twice as long to install – and even longer to set and cure. Asphalt goes down hot and cures as it cools. Once it’s cool, it’s safe to drive on. This quick installation and curing time means your parking lot is ready for business sooner.

3. Easy to Maintain and Repair

Notice a crack in your parking lot? A quick asphalt crack sealant application is all you need. Something worse than a crack? Fresh asphalt can be laid over the existing pavement, and you have a lot that looks like new! Adding a layer of new asphalt also strengthens the overall structure and makes it even more durable. And when it comes time to resurface the pavement, only the top layer is repaved – so it’s quick and affordable.

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4. Long Lifespan

With proper maintenance, your asphalt pavement can last over 20 years. Asphalt is more durable than concrete because it isn’t as susceptible to the expansion and contraction process of freezing and thawing.

5. Better for the Environment

Since asphalt is 100% recyclable, it is eco-friendly and better for the environment. And there is no limit to how many times asphalt can be recycled and reused. Porous or permeable asphalt helps with water drainage by allowing water to pass through the pavement to the underlying soil. There are no permeable options with concrete, so excess water must be managed as part of the project plan.

Need your parking lot replaced or repaired?

Premium Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating provides professional paving services throughout Bryan/College Station and all surrounding parts of central and eastern Texas. Proper installation and maintenance are critical to your parking lot’s integrity – and your investment. Contact us today for a free estimate if your parking lot needs pothole repair, resurfacing, or a complete replacement.

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