Did you know that the harsh summer heat can damage your asphalt driveway? Since repairs can be expensive, it’s better to prevent problems before they develop.

Here are five tips to help you protect your driveway from the effects of the severe summer sun.

1. Check for Damage

Examine your driveway for cracks or holes. Small cracks can quickly expand and cause serious problems if they aren’t repaired. When your driveway has damage caused by extensive heat, water worsens the issue. In the summer, water from sprinklers, rain, and washing your car can seep into cracks and holes – causing damage to the bottom layers of asphalt.

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2. Apply Sealcoating

Intense heat can quickly deteriorate your asphalt driveway. By applying sealcoating, you can protect your driveway from the sun’s UV radiation and seal any cracks. The best time to apply sealcoating is at the beginning of summer, before the heat intensifies.

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3. Swap Parking Places

The hot summer sun softens and weakens asphalt. When family members and visitors park in the same places, the vehicle’s weight will gradually create depressions in the driveway. By parking in different places, you can avoid damaging any one area.

4. Beware of Sharp Objects

Once the sun’s heat softens asphalt, it’s also susceptible to damage from sharp objects like shovels, hedge trimmers, garden shears, and other sharp tools. If you accidentally drop one of these objects point-down, it can cause holes and cracks. So, try to use these tools during cooler parts of the day when your driveway isn’t too soft.

5. Keep Asphalt Cool

In areas of severe heat or if a heatwave is approaching, try to keep your asphalt cool so it doesn’t overheat and crack. One short-term solution to reducing heat is a sprinkler system that keeps your asphalt cool and wet. For a long-term solution, allow nearby trees and bushes to grow over your driveway to help keep it shaded.

Let Us Protect Your Driveway in the Summer

Preventative maintenance is the key to a long-lasting asphalt driveway. If you want to protect your asphalt driveway this summer, the professionals at Premium Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating are here to help. Contact our team today for a free estimate or more information about the benefits of sealcoating

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